Beer specialties with character, as a result of passion and lifeblood.

With HOPS BREWING we are also fulfilling one of our own dreams: The dream of beer with strong character and craftsmanship, of beer that doesn’t have to meet everyone’s standards but appeals to the individual and enthusiast. This is why we have made it our goal to create regional, traditional and international styles of beer formed by passion and the willingness to experiment. To achieve our goal we work with chosen ingredients and elaborate methods, like for example individual brewing processes and fermentation or additional dry hopping, to show off the hop aroma of the different hops beside the hop bitter compounds. As a result of this our naturally cloudy beer specialties are – excitingly different, tasteful and expressive.

The name of our hometown “Hoppstädten - Weiersbach” and the taste-inducing hops inspired the name HOPS BREWING.

Our beer especially serves the purpose to be enjoyed next to being drunk. For which every sense should and can be used. Of course we want you to taste our beer – but before tasting our beer comes seeing and smelling it.

You will get the most out of your experience if you enjoy our beer specialties like a fine wine with friends in small but passionate sips. It is for this reason that in addition to small containers we also offer our beer in 1.0 ltr. bottles which go perfectly with our special craft beer glasses.

I you are looking to purchase some of our craft beer you can purchase it at chosen bars and restaurants as well as in craft beer shops and of course on our website.